Develop Accessible Quality Content
Content has always been king. In the past, unique and interesting content was sufficient. That’s no longer the case. Today content needs to be both likeable and shareable.
Google is now factoring into consideration how often your site or pages on your site are shared with others on the various social networks like Facebook, Google+ and tumblr. Make it easy for people to share specials, photos, news and videos. This also builds links and backlinks from trustable sites. The site’s content is shared, more talked about and thus becomes widespread. People are more likely to reach the content when their friends or colleagues share it rather than finding them thus increasing your sites visit rate. This practice makes your site more and more accessible to the audience.
More number of likes show that the content is liked by the people and thus has a good quality and relevance. Likes and shares of people are visible to their contacts which increases the probability of the content reaching out to more and more people without much efforts from your side.
People do recommend articles, blogs or good write-ups, so if your website has that content which can be helpful to others then it is more likely to be shared, liked and recommended thus increasing its accessibility and value.
These are some of the factors related to the content on your website which makes the site more accessible to the audience and rather than people reaching the website, the website reaches the people.