You need to actively maintain your website, adding and refreshing copy on a regular basis. The search bots know when you have updated material and rank actively managed sites higher. There are a lot of dead sites on the Internet. Don’t let Google think yours is one of them.

Make sure your rates and specials are up-to-date. Add information about upcoming events and interesting things to do in your destination. Update your gallery. Keep an active blog. It’s an excellent way to keep content fresh.
Website with quality content will hardly stand out in today’s competitive Internet market unless the content is living. Definitely, it’s critical to create both user-friendly and SEO-friendly content, however it’s also important to ensure the content is living or fresh.
Learn the below SEO tips to develop quality fresh content.
Defining Fresh (Living) Content: Living or fresh content is the one that’s regularly added and updated. Perhaps the best example of it is Wikipedia, the pages in Wikipedia are always updated and this is a great way for the website to obtain good rankings.
Google bot loves fresh content; the more you write, the more often search engine spiders will come to check out your site. If spider notices that your website is regularly updated, it will shorten the time for the next visit. If it’s static, it wouldn’t return for a while. Also, be sure that static content is less sharable.
Developing Fresh Content: Now you know what a living content is but how to turn it into a developing (linkable) one? In SEO practices, links have always played a crucial role in web ranking and not only. The developing (linkable) content, in other words content that generates links to a webpage is going to rank higher in the search engines.
How to Make Content Linkable: You can read a number of content optimization tips on the web, however if your content is poor, putting correct headings, alt tags, etc won’t help you. If it’s unique and well-written, you can be guaranteed it’ll be bookmarked and shared on social networks as well as attract natural links. So make sure you write the content for humans and format them for search engines.
Why Your Website Needs Fresh Content

Last but not least, I want to mention a few critical benefits of fresh content. This will help you better understand why your website needs it.

As we mentioned above, regular updates encourage spiders to visit websites more often. If you regularly write great content, you build authority to your site. The more great content you write, the more chances you have for ranking through keyword queries. Fresh content is indexed faster. You’ll increase traffic, as users always search for the updates on their favorite services/products. All in all, make sure you have a website with great living content, which is sharable and linkable. Hope this post was useful.