Brandneu brings more than 14 years of integrated search marketing experience. We combine paid search marketing (SEM/PPC) and search engine optimization (SEO) programs and offer an integrated approach which delivers high performance through increased clicks, interactions and conversions.



We have provided expert SEO services to some of the largest and most successful businesses in the world, including e-commerce, hospitality, healthcare, software, news, technology, retail and business services companies. At Brandneu, our SEO practice is built on strategic skills and ongoing optimization, than just techniques, which not only makes you visible, but also benefits you with a powerful online presence.



Our pay-per click marketing strategies are designed for our clients to experience an increase in qualified traffic while also seeing higher conversions and conversion rates. Things like ad copy and keywords play a big role in if your marketing efforts are successful or not. As a leading search marketing agency, we have experience creating and managing profitable search campaigns.

Brandneu’s search marketing practice is focused on bringing you long-term, measurable results via high-touch, data-driven Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) solutions across all media channels. Closely coordinating the organic and paid search components means that each campaign’s budget can be co-optimized to produce the highest overall volume of qualified visitors for the lowest possible cost. Brandneu uses both paid and SEO campaign data to make informed decisions and develop customized integrated strategies. We provide a seamless integration of measurement, management and optimization within our search campaigns to allows our customers to maximize the value of their search campaigns.

Our keyword research helps you to get inside the minds of your buyers to know what they are thinking at the exact moment when they have a content need. All our SEO campaigns at Brandneu begins with a thorough analysis of your business, your products and services, your competition and your industry. Our audits and keyword research of your website content and keyword use, give you actionable insights to tweak your site and rank higher for your target keywords – thus helping you maximize your sites focus on the biggest and best return.

Retargeting powerfully compliments existing targeted PPC campaigns. It allows PPC campaigns to become more effective and boost the collective ROI by bringing users back to your website who are likely to buy a product, fill out a form or become a lead, who otherwise would have been lost. Using retargeting platforms properly can lower CPA and increase scale. At Brandneu, we combine retargeting campaigns with PPC campaigns and the results have been outstanding.

Brandneu’s Search Marketing Program offers

  • Integrated Campaign Strategy & Execution
  • Industry Research & Competitive Analysis
  • Ad Copy Creation & Testing
  • Conversion & ROI Tracking Analysis
  • Extensive Keyword Research
  • Flexible, Custom Reporting
  • Geotargeting & Day-Parting Analysis
  • Ongoing discovery and optimization of New Markets & Mediums

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What Client’s Say

“Brandneu have driven year on year improved e-commerce performance and a value added partnership, delivering new initiatives and strategies that fit our business needs. With Brandneu’s detail oriented approach, we have seen improvements in overall search marketing performance…”
Kevin Croley, Senior Vice President, Sales and Marketing at Pan Pacific Hotels & Resorts
“Brandneu’s critical advice on online marketing captured the essence of the property’s image. They were instrumental in advising how the website should be designed and developed in order to best meet the digital marketing requirements of the property. They exhibited competence and flexibility and their performance constantly exceeded our expectations.”
Cecile Cedo Sales, Marketing Services Manager for 8 on Claymore
“The internet generates over US$1 billion in revenue to the InterContinentals Hotel Group each year, we are therefore selective on who we have managing parts of this business…the fact that we have had an ongoing relationship with Brandneu for over 3 years speaks volumes… I dont need to say more!”
Craig Hewett, Ex-Director of E-Commerce Asia Pacific InterContinental Hotels Group
“BrandNeu has been an important and valuable part of TMS Asia pacific and it is our intention to continue this great working relationship.”
Gary Marshall, Chief Executive Officer TMS Asia Pacific
“Brandneu has worked with us for one of our top clients, and they have been able to provide quality creative that generates results while keeping all stakeholders happy.”
Sulakshana Gopal, Account Director e-Storm International, Inc.
“Brandneu worked with us during the launch of Pixel Plus Flat TVs. Brandneu put together an interactive demo cum training program which would help us to train our army of sales promoters across the region and also effectively explain the product proposition to consumers. The work they did was fantastic and delivered on time and helped a great deal in improving our in-store sales productivity.”
Chandra Vaidyanathan, Trade Marketing Director, Asia Pacific Region at Philips Consumer Electronics

Some of our clients…