Brandneu launches Shree Designs Architects new website to kick off the 2014 New Year and to showcase their work as a leading healthcare design and architecture firm in India. The new website features an updated project portfolio which showcases their work in the healthcare space.

The new website designed by Brandneu showcases Shree’s portfolio of work done in healthcare design in India and also describes the firm’s profile, team, expertise, and the leadership. The site gives visitors a chance to catch up on the latest news and project progress. Visitors can also use this site to request additional information to learn more about Shree’s expertise and requests for more information.

In addition to the new website, Brandneu has launched Shree’s new social media page on LinkedIn. These new pages will give us Shree an opportunity to quickly communicate with their followers and interact with the community connected to healthcare design.

Principal Architect Kshititi Nagarkar says: “Revamping our site has taken some time, but our new website allows us to connect with our clients and colleagues in the industry with much more relevance and focus. It also conveys a much more contemporary impression of both our work and our business. It also gives us a new platform to demonstrate our core capabilities to both current and potential clients.”

The new website design is based around a large image formats which illustrates the firm’s work in the healthcare sectors. The site has a clean, uncluttered and fresh aesthetic, with simple and intuitive navigation. The site is also ‘responsive’ so the format and navigation of the website changes automatically to suit the viewing device, such as tablets and smartphones. The site contains a lot of new content in terms of clients and projects. The website aims to be become an intrinsic part of Shree’s on-going media marketing now, especially through LinkedIn.

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